Who does not, he is not. In Baku, Jagr would have no trouble

The Olympics could not afford such a girl. Maybe you remember how Jaromir Jagr published video tours in Sochi from a roundabout tour through the Olympic Village or behind the hockey tournament – and was warned. This is simply not the case.

“The use of social networks is booming and the International Olympic Committee, Sochi, has announced social networking.Still, there are still strict rules, especially for the protection of rights holders, “explains Alexandr Kliment, Director of WWTP Communications. “At the European Games, the organizers have decided to extend the mantinals significantly, for example, it is possible to shoot under certain conditions video from the Olympic village.”

Even in the square or the rooms, Baku can not share pictures of the public areas of the dining room or the polyclinic Severity disappears. The sport can also be recorded and shared in “i-zones” for communication with the media.

The fans have enough news. “It’s a great opportunity for us to make media visibility.I appreciate the fact that we can take a bit off and do not strictly follow the rules, “says kayaker Josef Dostál. “I personally like social networks very much, Facebook and Instagram. It’s a great deal going on, “adds Martin Fuksa, a canner who earned both silver and bronze in Azerbaijan, so he could make a selfie straight on the podium:” Fans like fun. Of course there’s a lot of detail in the way – getting to the stage at all. “

Selfie is not a problem anymore at the Olympics, there’s no time to block it.But what about the European Games could inspire the Olympics to further mitigate the barriers.

And so back to the seventh floor of one of the tall houses for Czech athletes who live beach volleyball. “We are enjoying being in touch with the world, drawing people into the Czech Republic. So that all of our photos and videos can be seen through our eyes, “says Martina Jakubšová. “We also share our experiences and experiences with sport. And if our family, buddies or fans all lie and comment on it. “

If Jaromír Jágr waited for the next Olympics, perhaps his” hockey family “could see the videos from the village.