Transcript: Ivanschitz did not shake money, I got a “sticky”

Openly admits that Viktoria Plzeň is not able to compete economically with Prague’s “S”. He convinced himself of it in the unsuccessful negotiations on the transfer of Jan Sýkora, which he was humanly disappointed with. Still, Adolf Šadek, the club’s general manager, is not afraid of attacking the title year after year. “Financial strength does not mean that it will do the same for sports,” he says in an interview with the Sport daily. How do Pilsen Transfers Score?

Three new players have arrived in Pilsen – Hájek, Janja, Ivanschitz. Are you happy with them?
“So far, it looks good. For Pilsen they can be interesting and help in the short or long term. We promise immediate help from Ivanschitz and Hájka.So now I’m happy, but ask for the third spring round with Slavi if our expectations are real. “Ivanschitz does not even think about money and does not have an extremely high salary. Is it so?
“It’s a question of what is an extremely high salary. In Pilsen it is one of the highest wages, moving on the tip. On the other hand, we have not shuffled that the number would hurt our salary policy. Probably because of the family and the desire to know about European football, there has been no longer a long-term discussion on money and bonuses. “

Was it surprising? Are footballers such as to talk long about the financial conditions?
“Not usually footballers, but their agents.It also determines what individual players have gone through, how much they have earned, and how they have handled money. Andy is thinking about every step in his life and has no financial need. From my point of view, it is economically secured. Someone can argue that he has no motivation. But sometimes the sporting ambitions overcome the economic nonsense that is given to gamers. “

You also wanted Nestor and Sicho. How ridiculous you are that they are blowing up the two biggest competitors?
“If I said it would not hurt, I would lie. For both players, based on our concept, we assumed that they would bring what we wanted to play in the game. And when it ends up parked at your opponents, it’s a blow. But not so that we can not remember it.The players have opted for the competitors, they have to respect it and wish them good luck in the fight for the second and third place. “(Laughs)

With the Sykora you have been told what happened? / strong>
“I am sorry about the transfer because of an oral arrangement that does not quite apply at this time. With Honza Sýkora you are having fun, something will tell you…There is no reason to be angry with him, he is a young player. What they offered to him and Liberec, we could not call them anymore. But I openly say we did not want to. We were moving to the economic boundary where we were able to go. “

How much did your offer Slavia over?
” It’s not like Slavia She overcame us twice. I say that on her defense.It was just that the player with the agent had evaluated during the lesson that it was better to go to Slavia. I wish Honza good luck, just annoying one thing that it was not said to face it. Even unpleasant things we should know. Perhaps: hey, it is not. What you offered elsewhere, you simply can not. And I would take it: O.K., it is not possible. But it’s stupid to learn things from elsewhere, and you have some verbal agreement. It will surprise you from a human point of view. In football, it is quite common that we occasionally give a small sticker from behind. Now I’ve got it. “

I have heard that Agent Chovanec has disappointed you that he has violated his promise not to take Sykora for a meeting with the celebrities…
” It was one of the things . We needed some time to reach the negotiations with Liberec.If I were told that the meeting would happen, then one can prepare for it. I feel sorry for Ondra Chovance. It’s not like I wipe it out of the phone, but I’m written NEBRAT. “(Smiles)

How to perceive Pilsen now? Is it then the third financial power in the Czech market after Sparta and Slavia?
“Absolutely sure. Economically, Pilsen was always behind Sparta. This is a fact we have never questioned. Now we are also Slavs. Its economic power is huge. “

Slavia has already said some of your players. Is that true?
“It’s possible, but it’s never been Slavia. It was always an interest through agents. They know me that if they crunch me, I shoot.So I said such numbers that it was never possible for the transfer to take place. Nor can I imagine that we would sell Slavia in the present situation. Only for complete nonsense, which no one could pay. And if so, it would be a super business for Pilsen. I know that at the end of last year when we got the famous brute in Eden, Tvrdík – Paclík talks about Ondrej Vanek. However, this has not happened. “