The World Cup in hockey has not invited us yet, the MS have a motto

Her motto is “Slovak Republic, Hockey republic, play again”, so in Slovak Republic, hockey republic, play again.

The Slovak Ice Hockey League (SZHH) is represented in Tenerife by President Igor Nemeček and Otto Sýkora with Juraj Bakoš. Slovakia’s pro-candidate is Switzerland. The opponent fights badges

“All the participants in the congress have been given a list of us, showing the goals of our candidacy, as well as the ice cube in which the hockey player is in. The Swiss were presented with badges and brochures.But everything will decide in May 2015 in Prague, and I believe that we will be more successful in this vote than the Swiss side, “quotes Suzh Nemeček’s Words.

Tenerife has also decided to organize some of the lower category tournaments “Instead of the Ukrainian Donetsk, they will welcome the first division of the men’s division in Krakow, Poland, and it is certain that Slovak women will start at the First Division B tournament in China,” Nemcek continued. After twelve years, fans can once again enjoy the World Cup ice hockey championships, and the Canadian cities of Toronto and Montreal will host it in 2016.

“It is certain that six teams will start there.These are Canada, the USA, Russia, the Czech Republic, Finland and Sweden. The invitations of the other two countries are exclusively the responsibility of the NHL overseas leadership, “said the president of SZHH. The number of players at the next Olympic tournament is 2018. Under the five rounds in Korean Pingong will start 12 men and 8 Women’s teams will be the first to take part in the Olympics.

“The men’s tournament will be the world’s leading renking after the world championships in the Czech Republic next year. The first eight teams will have secure direct participation.Home Korea has the same place and the remaining three places will be slaughtered in the rest of the country in qualifying in November 2016, “Nemeček said.

” What women are concerned, under the five circles are the four best qualified teams of world re- The team has a direct participation, and the other three countries will have to play similarly to men, qualification, “Nemeček added.