The installation of the handicap – method to equalize the power

The installation of the handicap – method to equalize the power of participants in a sporting competition, making it more interesting to bet on. Handicap is a relatively new form of betting that is offered on football matches. It is set so that each team has an equal chance to win. When betting with a handicap of lines actually draw is taken and formed by the competitive market.
Different types of handicap

The main reason why the handicap at first seems a complex concept, is that it is expressed in different ways.

The handicap is 0.5

Example: 1.95 AC Milan (-0.5) v Liverpool (0.5) 1.95.

Number of 1.95 indicates the suggested factor, and the number in brackets is the handicap. Thus, “Liverpool” receives an imaginary advantage half goals by the beginning of the match.

Handicap 0

It is used when the probability of winning of each team about the same. In fact, at this rate you may not have the draw as an option. You win, wins if your chosen team.

Handicap 1

If you choose a team with a handicap of -1, then to win your bet you need to this team won with advantage at least two goals. If she wins by one goal, the bet is returned. Choosing the team that has the advantage of one goal (+1), you will win in case of victory or a draw. If your team loses by one goal, the bet is returned.

Handicap 1,5

If you bet on a team with a handicap of -1.5, then to win, when it wins with two goals or more. If you choose a command that starts with a 1.5, then win, when it wins, ends in a draw or losing by one goal.

Double handicap

When betting with a double handicap bet is divided into two parts.

Example: Luton (-1/2,-1) v Watford (+1/2,+1)

In this example, half of the put money is placed on “Luton” handicap -0,5, and the other half on “Luton” with handicap -1. The result is determined using the methods described above. Often double handicap is expressed as a single decimal.

Double handicap 0, 0,5

This handicap may be written as -0,25 (0, -0,5) and 0.25 (0, +0,5). If you bet on the first team, then win, when it wins with any score. In case of a tie you win 50% of your bet. The other half of the bet is returned.

Double handicap of 0.5, 1

If you choose the team with the handicap (-0,5, -1) or minus 0.75 per then you win when she wins in two or more goals. If she wins by one goal, half your stake returned and half wins with the corresponding factor. By choosing the opposite team (+0,5, +1) or +0,75, you will win, if she wins or will bring the match in a draw.

Betting odds for handicap betting

The line handicap is no option of a draw, and the bookies set the odds and have another advantage. But, in General, the amount of profit received by operator from such rates to be lower than that which it receives from bets on the match given the draw. Usually, bookies pay out on bets with handicap 90% – 100% of the accepted amount. And often the payout percentage is approaching the upper limit and the profit is greatly reduced.

Handicap during the match

In real time, many bookies are offering as the main outcomes with the draw, and outcomes with a handicap. In such cases, the result is calculated according to account for the remaining part of the game after placing a bet.