The captain striped the Pernica. We want him to be a leader, a coach said

For the first time in his career, he entered the guest-house at the Brno stadium. And there was another novelty on the Jablonec defender Luďek Pernic.

“The leader came to me to give the captain’s tape. So we gave it to Luďek, “said coach Jaroslav Šilhavý. “It was not completely democratic,” he smiled. Although the Brno-born offspring did not feel good on his hand, Severočeschy managed to win 3: 2 on Saturday against former teammates. “I would have made her more experienced the next time,” admitted a 24-year-old observer who represented absent Tomáš Hübschman. “The coach probably believed me.”

Probably a weak word.The former Zbrojovka player, in an ambitious team whose media began to dub “Galácticos,” won the unbeatable position for less than a year.

In 30 league games he played Complete 2,700 minutes! “The competition on the scooter was big. I did not know how to get hold of it. But I was avoided by the injuries, “he tapped his toothy symbolically.

A similar bit of Pernic was successful last year when he was one of Brno’s support.However, it also remembers its reliability and stable performance in the Zbrojovka. “Look at Luď where he got,” reminded Captain Pavel Zavadil often to the younger partner of Brno.

In the north of Bohemia, Pernica used the battles for the cups instead of fighting for league life. “The pressure is much more comfortable,” said the defender, who has 102 league starts. “Fortunately, we made points. 64 of 90 is a good number. “

The last three-point gain was added by the bronze team in the last weekend round in Brno.

Thanks to the first half of the season, guests received a three-goal lead.However, the Brňáňs were well-acclaimed. “Probably we were in power, the Zbrojovka squeezed us like a lemon,” said the friendly ass who was headed by the memory of Brno in a thrilling ending. “When we lost, we were able to turn on at the end and even more experienced teams would push.” ​​Eventually, however, Pernica experienced the winning premiere as Jablonec captain. “He clearly dominated the first half. This is what we want him to do. We want him to be a leader, “said Shilvyy coach.