The bustle was fired by the Jihlava coach Klusáček after the debacle

True, the first match can not be taken as meaningful. On Monday preparations began. On Tuesday, the team was on medical tests in Prague. And on Wednesday? That’s what the footballers were playing.

Additionally, the Slovaks from the capital had almost the whole thing behind. That made the difference. However, if we take a second preparation duel, it is definitely impossible to take lightly from FC Vysočina.

Otherwise Slovan and otherwise the duel with Duklou Prague was obviously seen by coach Luděk Klusáček, who after the debacle 1: 6 without excuse, he said: “I must say that the first half against Dukla was shameful.Players should be aware of the fact that they are coming to friendly matches but still represent the team and the club. “He then reiterated that the game against the opponent of the Synot League was shameful.

By the way, Coach Klusáček was critical of his prisoners.

It must be added that he had no reason to do so. In the spring, under his leadership, the players were doing very good performances.

In addition to the critical words for the match, Klusacek had the word for the current team: “We will have to think about adding a Energybet online bet cadre that needs Energybet online betting free bet to be solved. Some players will have to add a lot. And it turned out that the departure of some footballers from the spring set is more noticeable than expected. “Yes, the team left Kucera midfielder who is in Pilsen.Hosting ended Janos, another central footballer, whose return to Sparta intensive negotiations.

Probably back will not return left defense Hybš, who managed the European Championship in 21 years, and thus it can be expected that after Sparta will reach him. A host in Trnava Slovak retired recently plaguing striker Haris Harba.

A completely fit last week were Vaculik, Jungr, Kukol, Opluštil, Stepanek and reinforcements Dvorak. All of these names should report on training today. Scrotum meet the longer term, Vejmola and the list was added and freshly Kotnour.

We may add that Highland yesterday late afternoon mended taste in Zebetin. On the 75th anniversary celebration, she won the 1st and Class 9: 2 novices.Three times Fulnek, twice Warm, Demeter, Reached, Batioj and Sweet.

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