The affair around Růžička: who are the people around him and how the testimonies changed

Difficult. Souboj Růžička vs. Palaščák is very tangled, on both sides there are some confusion in the testimony. Mostly claims against the claim.

The public is curious whether and how the case will be resolved in court. If he gets there at all, because now there are law enforcement bodies.

The portal offers you a summary of important facts in the case.

At the beginning was a video made last year by a hidden camera where Palascak and Růžička have fun.

“I’m going out of the way when the store is both sides to be happy. He did not get a chance.I was told you would take care of him, “Palascak’s voice said, originally anonymous.

The entrepreneur had over half a million crowns in two installments over the 2012 and 2013 for his son to play in the first Slavie team or simply to make a career.

“You did it for training here. No, we do not understand. I’ve guaranteed to train here, “Ruzicka says. “And what did you think? You’re crazy!The boy would not play hockey for two years now, he would not get a contract anywhere, “the official coach and manager said.

According to Růžička’s defense money should be a sponsorship gift .

But the coach also spoke about a loan.

And how did a loan become a sponsor?

“There were still no papers issued. The money was in the vault and could not be used. “

Also in the Friday interview for MF DNES, Růžička got a little confused. The whole amount eventually returned, according to the account statement Energybet free online bet to wife Palaščáček.But without the missing documentation, it will be difficult to determine what it really was about money.

A strange role is played by Jiří Mouček , a man of dubious reputation in the past The roses moved. “We Energybet free online betting are known, we know from hockey, we are not the best friends,” the coach said in the exclusive interview. “He went to hockey and helped raise money for the last three years. But I did not care about him. When we had training, he sometimes came to see me, I greeted him. I do not know if I ever figure out he’s going for his parents and looking for money, it does not really matter.That’s the first time I hear. “

From Růžička, the ice-hockey Slavia is distant. “It is his private affair,” says Vladimír Pitter and Richard Beníšek, his successors. Tomáš Král, the head of the ice hockey association, held in front of the home championship of the world Ruzicka (“I would be a joke if I call him off.”) , But now he says, “This is a terrible trouble. But it would never have occurred to us that Vláďa did something like that. “That’s why the King repeatedly points out” the presumption of innocence.

The counterpart – Palascak – of course calls into question Růžička’s testimony.In an interview with the daily Sport, he calls her “miserable”. Successful player and coach later did not want the contract, Flour knew very well and his son ended his career , which hurt the entrepreneur the most.

But here too many questions arise. Why did Paláščák publish the record just before the home world championship? Where is the next promised part of the video to be a “secret trump card”?And if it was really a bribe, should not he be punished?

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