The Academy sets the way for young people. But it’s up to them, he suspects Poborský

Two completely non-traditional guests, former football representatives Petr Kouba and Karel Poborský, were briefly in one of the benches of the E. Rošický Primary School in Jihlava.

“How long has it been? That’s a good question, “said the 48-year-old Poborian. “We had fun with Peter, we did not even go to parents. So it’s really long, “he added. “I already have children grown up, so they have a school behind,” Kouba explained with a smile three years older.

However, a pair of European vicemists in 1996 did not coincide in the Highlands accidentally. In Jihlava, it helped to open the FACR Regional Football Academy (RFA).

“Feelings are nice because I’m not in the position of a pupil waiting to be tested.So I enjoyed it at school, “said Poborský, a former midfielder who had dressed in a team such as Manchester United, Benfica Lisbon and Lazio Rome.

The creation of similar academies, The Football Association of the Czech Republic is also co-operating with a particular city and region, the two former representatives commend. “It’s a very good thing, because at this age the players of the individual players are breaking. And it is necessary for them to keep up with sports, especially in soccer, “says Poborský. “The goal is to improve the selection because lately we all see that Czech sport lags behind Europe.”

Young specialists are trained by specialists. “We live with them all the time.From the morning, when we have breakfast together, until the evening when we are with the boarding school, “explains Jan Kameník, RFA Vysočina.

Education for players is allowed by the Rošického elementary school, which has years of experience with sports classes. “The tradition of football at our school is about fifteen years. So we basically followed up on what we had been successful in, “says school director František Svoboda. “Although it was a bit difficult at the beginning to align with the needs of the academy, the school, the training and the football club, I dare say that today we have not the only problem that we would be struggling with,” he exults.

I was in Pilsen to start the project first.I liked it very much and I felt very good about it, “Kouba said, who had gone through Deportivo La Coruna and 1. FC Kaiserslautern in the past. “I think it’s a thought that makes sense and it’s going to happen. I believe that good players will grow here. “

This was also the case in the recent past, when the current representatives of Theodor Gebre Selassie, Matěj Vydra, Michael Rabušic, Stanislav Tecl, Jan Kopic , Lukáš Masopust or Jan Kliment.

“As a longtime member of the implementation team, Jakub Dovalil, his assistant, I went to Jihlava to observe representatives under 21 years. We were here quite often because there were good guys here.And I hope they will, “Kouba believes.

” Young players have a way set in these academies. And it’s up to them, “Poborski says. “So I’d like to advise them to take this opportunity honestly and to use it.”