Spotakova, Hejnová and Maslak were third at the Diamond League in Oslo

Runner Maslak also improved his 400-meter time this time to 45.39 seconds. He won the Gardiner from the Bahamas. The flock of 400 meters of obstacles showed 55.14 seconds, Denisa Rosolová was fifth in the same race. The winner of this season was Kalies Spencer from Jamaica.

And Jakub Holuša, who scored in sixth place in the race for a mile in a very strong competition, scored a great personal record of 3: 53.46 minutes.From his current maximum, he took almost three seconds, and only 87 hundredths left behind the old Czech record of Josef Plachý in 1978.

Spotakova has had a lot of trouble in the season, but in the first two races it did not even go 60 meters, but on Monday at the Memorial Josef Odložil it shone for better times with a performance of 63.45.

And in Oslo, the world record holder has improved again and has not even been half a mile since winning. Israeli winner Marharyt Dorozon won the 64.56 national record, winner of the Ostrava Golden Tetra winner, South Africa winner Sunette Viljoen (64.36). The Olympic winner Spotakova won the first ever point this year in a prestigious series. “That’s what I’m happy with, and it’s been in great competition short of the victory,” she said.She appreciated that she was getting better. “I enjoyed the race and there is still room for improvement, I’m on my way. After two races quite quickly I feel tired, “she said.

Europe’s two-time champion Maslak has not yet had a dazzling form, and at the Memorial Joseph, Odložila did not get even under 46 seconds in the wind. This time at least he has improved his performance from Eugene by 27 hundreds. Winning Steven Gardiner from the Bahamas was in a personal record of 44.64, Maslaka defeated Brit Matthew Smith-Hudson (45.09). Hejna reached 55.14 and at this year’s peak in Birmingham 14 weeks.The race was won by Jamajčanka Kaliese Spencer, the second Czech cross country woman Denisa Rosolová was fifth for 55,60. “That’s how it will happen if you do not have your day, huh,” Rosol said on facebook. “Maybe next time I will wake up to a better day with a better form,” she added.

Even Heyna did not really care. “I’m sure to like the third place, although I’ve been waiting for a better time,” Heyna said. “It was a bit blown, but otherwise the conditions were great. I believe my time will come. I train towards the world championship, where it should of course be the best.Now I’m happy to be back and I’m racing with girls who have not had a break, “said an athlete who returned to this year’s health-related break.

Spencer has won all the races of the prestigious series and in Oslo This year’s best world performance was 54.15. So far, Adekoya Oluwakemi from Bahrain has been at the top of the list, which was slower than last weekend in Wuhan. She was clearly defeated by American Georganne Moline from the USA (54,29).

Holuša was happy after the race, but also very tired. “The last 500 meters were very challenging, I took off everything,” he said at Top Athletics. “It was not easy, but I knew what was waiting for me.I’m happy with the personal record, but I feel I need training, “said a peacemaker who failed on Monday even to try the Czech 1500-meter record at Odložil’s Memorial.

The world record test in the 5000 meters race by Genzie Dibaba was unsuccessful, Etiopanka was running alone for a race of 14: 21,29, which is not the best of this time in the world. Surprisingly, a high-stakes competition ended in a competition of five men with personal records of over 240 cm, including Mussa Essa Bashima from Qatar and Bohdan Bondarenko from Ukraine, won the Chinese Kuo-wei Zhang by 236 cm.