Sharapova and meldonium? He also took him in Prague and almost every day in Wimbledon

Career of Marie Sharapova was a hard blow. Russian tennis player received a positive test for meldonium two-year distanc. The investigation of her misconduct revealed further details of how she was dependent on a substance that had appeared on the list of illicit drugs since the beginning of the year. Sharapova is still convinced that the violation of the rules has been committed unintentionally and intends to appeal against the verdict.

The five-time grandslam champion had a positive meldonium test on January 26 after losing the Australian Open quarterback to Serena Williams. It was again found out that the sample from February 2 was also positive when Moscow was out of competition.

In 2015, when meldonium was still in danger, it was found in 24 samples taken by tennis players and tennis players.Five of them belonged to Sharapova. It turned out that, like this year in Australia, she had been using it for example six times a week in Wimbledon, where she came to the semifinals, the Championship and the fedcup finals in Prague.

According to the results of the investigation, Sharapova meldonium In 2005 on the recommendation of the Russian doctor Anatoly Skalny, to which her father Yuri had brought her. They responded to her frequent colds, breathing difficulties and problems with almonds. The Rocky New Wimbledon champion prepared a cure that included 18 different drugs and dietary supplements.The number of products has gradually grown to thirty, and the tennis star has ceased to meet and ended up working with the Russian physician in 2012. However, Mildronet, or Mildronet containing it, and two other substances continued to work Regime. She took two pills an hour before the match, before increasing the importance of the dose to 3 to 4 pills. It is proven that meldonium has a positive effect on endurance if the athlete takes it before training or wrestling.

The tennis player had problems with a woman and made mistakes

The investigation also answered the question, How is it possible that the Sharapova team escaped the inclusion of meldonia on the list of banned substances. The explanation is simple – no one knew he was using it.Only she, her father, knew about it, and since 2013 her agent Max Eisenbund. She did not admit it even in the 2014 and 2015 anti-doping forms, although some other substances and vitamins were reported in them. During the years, Sharapova was taking care to keep her medication compliant with the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA list of prohibited substances, The problem at the end of 2015 was allegedly due to her agent’s inattention. He always championed the Tour of the Caribbean after the Tournament and left with him to print a list of prohibited substances for the next year. Last year, however, he went through a difficult period of living when he and his wife walked away, and this step was omitted. So she is now looking at Sharapova’s eyes for a two-year sentence. He was redeemed to him on the day of Throne 26.January this year, it will also come for all Australian Open points and prizes. She has not played since then and she has fallen to the 26th place in the world rankings.

However, the penalty penalty is set to the CAS arbitration rule, which the player will appeal to. However, WADA has the same right if it finds the punishment too mild.