Most people who put on sport in Europe

Most people who put on sport in Europe, North America and Asia, do it conservatively. A safe bet for them – this is a bet on the club or the player with the lowest ratio. A way to bet on sports – not the worst, but he does not bring a good return on investment.

Diligently search for offers with the highest value
The reason why the favorites are assigned low odds, is that they are considered almost held winners. That’s great, but they are always weak payout.

Consider a special line on the leading scorer in La Liga this season. The bookmaker gives odds of 1.73 that the top scorer will eventually become Ronaldo.

What will do in such a situation, a savvy bettor? Put a modest amount of money on a risky candidate.

For example you bet €10 on Gareth Bale. If you win, put it in the pocket as much as €400; if you lose, then your purse is almost not affected.

Try to hedge bets

There are several ways an effective hedge. One of them is to be put simultaneously on different players or teams.

You can put money on Ronaldo and Bale. Accordingly, if you bet €50 and €10 and Cristiano wins, you get €86,5 spent on bets €60.

Another way of hedging in betting is to bet before the match, and then another one after it starts. It is particularly popular among players who prefer to bet in real time.

Suppose you bet on the victory of Manchester United, but after the first time the team loses, and you bet that the match ends in a draw or the victory of the opponent.

Some betteri don’t like hedging because it reduces the potential profit. It is necessary to understand, so don’t get too carried away hedging bets.

Do multilateral rates

This is a special method of betting, which is partly the view of hedging, but mostly – a way to maximize profits.

Say a player wants to put on outright that Chelsea will win the Premier League, but placing it on the multilateral rate. He puts on the victory, and that the club will take first or second place.

Putting on €50, the bettor will win €375 per win and €125 for first place, if Chelsea finish first. If the club comes second, then the player will get €125 lost per bet will win €50, and it still means the final profit.

Multilateral rate – a very underrated method of betting, which at least sometimes should be used by every player.