Kuf and Dian are world champions in a mixed relay of modern Pentathlon

“It’s been nice to us since morning, it was nice, we enjoyed it all day. For the first time in my life, I won something like that, “Kuf said in a press release. “In terms of what they have both, I have not seen a better performance,” said coach Jakub Kučera. While in the men’s or women’s relay, the Czech representatives from the World Cup, for example, have three gold medals, Mixed up to the podium.Diana is the relay champion of the world in 2009, when she won with Lucia Grolichova, Kuf won the bronze medal last year. Although Diane did not compete for the big events for two years and had a sad Saturday competition in Berlin At the end of the twelfth, gave another remarkable performance in the relay.

“I wanted to race. I felt like a horse horse they had been holding in a stable for a long time, and now they were launched on the track, “Diana said. “It’s a reward for the past two years, when I was wondering if it was still top sport. The medal is motivation, “she added.

In April, in the fencing tournament, Kuf shattered his index finger on his right hand. “I was afraid of the frenzy because of my finger, but it came out.And the shooting looked good on training, it was confirmed. It helped me not to come here with great expectations, I did not practice for two months, this was a test. It’s an encouragement, “Kuf said.

In the swimming, the Czechs were close quarters, in the sixth fencing and parkur, winning the second place before the final discipline. But the Russians but the four-second lead in the run did not hold, Kuf, after almost flawless shooting, took a winning goal with a comfortable distance.Before the goal, he raised the wounded index finger to victory, swept through the target band, and embraced Dian.

Diana had missed the shot before, and Russia gained a lead. “I was in the combined discipline, but then it was because of the fatigue that the concentration was gone and the shooting looked like. I believed Honza, and then I enjoyed his finisher. I thought we deserved it all day. I’m glad it’s like that, even though I did not dare to think so much, “Diana said.