Kliďas vs. Bountiful hope. Melicharek wins, Smooth wants to leave Brno

He has never experienced such a position in his career, Václav Hladký.

With the team he is training for the whole week, he is going to the match with the weekend, he is warming up, “I never did a double,” says the 24-year-old goalkeeper Zbrojovka. “I started as a troika, then jumped to one. But now I do not like it on the bench. “

A substitute of the hope that the Brňany have been raising for years did Dušan Melichárek in the spring. “His arrival was positive.The team started making points, “says Brno goalkeeper goalkeeper Luboš Přibyl. “It was not only his credit, but he brought peace and balance to the defensive,” adds the former league goalman. “Generally, the players in front of the goalie who does not make mistakes and make their correction, feel better,” says Zbrojovka chief coach Vaclav Kotal.

The club’s leadership has engaged in engaging a 31-year-old canon after a few minutes that the assiduous young man Smooth committed autumn. “It will sound stupid, but it is good that they have come. I have learned and only so I can become a better goalman, “says Hladký, who last appeared in the band Zbrojovka at her spring premiere. “I was convinced that I would keep my position.I was surprised, however, that I was eliminated after the Duke, “a sad goalie who had 42 starts in the league. “It was wrong in a way. I did not make a mistake that would cause me to lose. “

Since the end of February, Melichárek has been the leader of the Brno lime. Thanks to him, Zbrojovka saved a few rounds before the end of the competition. “The training does not have to be ideal from Dušan, it is such a self-sufficiency. But he is able to concentrate very well on the match, “noted Goalkeeper” guru “Pribyl, who also watched the ex-loser Smooth bother. “He wanted to catch, he did not do well.I felt disappointed in him, but he still worked, he did not do anything. “

The young goalman decided to solve his situation – he wants to find other engagements. “Dušan catches good, there is no reason to change anything,” says Smoothly, who can be the Czech loser Petr Čech in Chelsea in the exaggeration of the last month. “There are far more matches to be played in England, and Peter picks up at times. And most of all, if I was like him, I’m sitting at the table today and picking out ten countries and twenty clubs, “smiles Smiley, who would like to try a foreign stadium. But now there are two more leagues in front of him and the Zbrojovka game. He is heading to Příbram tomorrow for a cup of Europe.On the contrary, Brnans play “just about prestige”. That he would come back between the Smooth Poles after a while?

“Now it’s time to try something. Some innovations will happen, “says Kotal, coach 11th league team. “

The Zbrojovka recently announced on the club site that the goalkeeper who came to Brno from Slovácko through the provincial Croatian club Inter Zaprešič still counts.

Meanwhile, I’m 100% satisfied, “Melicharek said recently.Although he is now unstoppable, he knows of shortcomings.

Maybe playing legs. “What we’re going to say is that Sweden has kicked it up in the first place, in the Czech Republic you are trying to play again,” says former Mjällby or Malmö. “But it improves.”