ALL FILM: Fight for life and break with father. Let go of the Story story

“Rescue Service Prague.”

“Tonda Fear, good day. Energybet sports bet I would need a fast ambulance. I have a problem with my girlfriend. She is conscious but suffocates, is in convulsion, does not feel…”

” Does she breathe regularly? “

” Breathing but not looking well…” >

The document recalls the critical moments when she had to go to hospital for less than three years because of the metabolic disruption of the organism.

The story leaves the mountains and the ski slopes, only the Antonín Strachon Boyfriend, to the Emergency Service Emergency Line.When the skier in the hospital woke up…”She woke up laughing, I took a moment when she could not protest too much, and I asked for her hand,” says Fear in the document. “I see Tonda stroking my hand and saying that all will be good.And he asks if I want to marry him. He no longer wants to say I’m his girlfriend. He wants to say that I am his wife, “says Šárka, now Strachová. After a malignant tumor surgery on the pituitary gland that caused the metabolic disorder, a rapid return to the slopes and a wedding followed. “I’m going to the new season as Šárka Strachová,” she wrote on her facebook profile in April Energybet online betting promotions 2013.

The world champion in slalom became in Aare in 2007 under the direction of his father, Petr Záhrobský, She broke in the wrong.Before the operation won the World Cup also bronze (2005) and silver (2009), she won the Olympic bronze medal (2010) and twice won the World Cup.

The last major success has added this year’s championship in the American Beaver Creek, Where she finished third.The film tells about the way from the first medals, through serious health troubles and gait with his father to returning to the sun.

“It was a nice feeling to show people who did not believe they were mistaken.”

The two minutes of my life, directed by Karel Jonák for two years, actually takes 52 minutes and brings to life the Czech slalom, training methods , The pain and the joy that accompany her sport.

“I take the document as a mission, and I would like it if only a few people were motivated with it,” Strachova said.You can look at it at

Strachova was a guest at

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