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Transcript: Ivanschitz did not shake money, I got a “sticky”

Openly admits that Viktoria Plzeň is not able to compete economically with Prague’s “S”. He convinced himself of it in the unsuccessful negotiations on the transfer of Jan Sýkora, which he was humanly disappointed with. Still, Adolf Šadek, the club’s

SIGHTS: Poor Sparta, Slavia bounced off a Pilsen, Příbram lives

Zmar’s Sparty players continue. Letenští players lost in league 20 in the Mladá Boleslav 1: 0 league. They lost to the second team of Viktor Plzeň, who defeated Liberec on Saturday 1: 0. Slavia also won three points, holding

Tennis players backed attacking Kvitova: Be strong, let the attacker break both hands

The horrific moment is the double wimbledon winner Petra Kvitova. The Czech tennis player was attacked by an unknown attacker this morning. In defense, she was cut off on her left hand, and the support of the former world two

Schick was at the draw, Pescara fell for Zeman for the second time

Lazio football players beat Italy in the 26th round of the Italian league with the goal of penalty Udine 1-0 and moved to the fifth place in the table. AC Milan won the same ratio on Sassuola. In base formation

Венгер отказался предложение от Китая. Болельщики планируют выступить против него

Это выгодное предложение из Китая не может отказаться? Его бы он сказал Арсен Уэнгер. Арсенал тренер не сказал ясно, когда ему был предложен контракт, который сделал бы его лучшим высокооплачиваемым тренером мира виртуозно. Канониров вентиляторы с ним, но терпения и

The captain striped the Pernica. We want him to be a leader, a coach said

For the first time in his career, he entered the guest-house at the Brno stadium. And there was another novelty on the Jablonec defender Luďek Pernic. “The leader came to me to give the captain’s tape. So we gave it